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recording the impossible

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Below the green roof of the rainforest, you'll be forced to change your transport systems, but if the team has

left the car, it's hard to keep them together, too many things to see and explore and so you can find them in a cave,

fighting the green, sitting on trees, listen to local music or cleaning the dirty equipment.

To get closer to the Almendro trees wildlife we had to build and climb steel towers wherever we needed to.

Then the camera flew across the forest, animals were caught and sometimes we needed shelter from the rain!

To get the film running we had to discuss a lot, get fresh fruits for energy and as everybody knows, we had to wait for many things.

Inside the jungle you always have 28 Celsius, but if the big trees are knocked down, the country will change his face, animals and plants will die out before we discovered them, the climate will change from humid to dry and temperatures will rise to more than 40 Celsius! I think there is nothing more to say, than: Stop deforestation of primary forests!

CITIZEN KRONE back to the top

A film about the political force of an Austria's biggest print medium!

Out of his tower, and from this table, Mr Dichand (Head of Kronenzeitung) can watch his country! He rules with the assistance of President Thomas Klestil, Archbishop Kurt Krenn, Astrologer Helga Kuhn and a lot of quadruped animals.

Quotation Mr. Dichand: I'd rather stroke my dog than work with political power.

Bellaria, as long as we live back to the top

Our protoganists are lovelabel elderly people, that retreat into long forgotten times in the Bellaria Cinema.
Mr Mosch, philopospher and film projectionist.
Love appears here not only on the big screen.

Atlantic drift back to the top

More than 2000 Jewish refugees were on board of the Atlantic. They wanted to escape the holocaust! Their destination was Palestine, but after 3 months, drifting trough the Mediterranean Sea, British Government and Army locked them up in Atlit Camp near Haifa. They were kept like criminals.

After weeks they started another journey, they were deported to Mauritius where they were locked up again. Fritz Haendel was one of them; he committed suicide just 15 minutes before his wife Hannah visited him to tell him that she is pregnant. Fritz Haendel is buried among other Jewish prisoners in Mauritius soil.

Shlomo Haendel was born behind the walls of the Mauritius jail and we followed him to his father's grave. His father left him a huge collection of impressive drawings. They tell the whole story in their own way. Hanah and Shlomo are still in search of the truth. A major part of this truth is still locked up in the British Public Record Office near London. These files are closed and will not be opened before all involved people finished their last journey.

The lost Mines of the Pharaoes back to the top

Pakistan Trucks climbing up to Lowari Pass!!
Kailash Singer listening to her own voice!!
Afghan girls in Anjuman village!!

Cameraman Ian and i, dressed up as Afghans to do our illegal bordercross into Afghanistan!!
80 meters under ground, crawling into the Lapiz-mine in Sar e Sang!!
A nice ambience up on 15 000 feet high Anjuman Pass!!

With horses we travelled a night and 5 days along the ancient Silk route!!
The Team up on Anjuman Pass!!
At least our Producer Wolfgang found the Lapiz-vein!!

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